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Qatar’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR) published a new full-length study on the behaviors of internet users in the MENA region (The Middle East and North Africa). Welcome to Digital Arabia.

The study benchmarks the experience of the online population in the region against global users. The findings show that despite the cultural considerations, the Middle East is not an outlier.

Key findings from the Middle East

Key findings from the Middle East

Enthusiastic online users in Digital Arabia

What really surprises is the fact that online users in the Middle East are very enthusiastic about the positive impact the internet has on their daily lives.

Surprisingly, the Middle East also leads the way regarding technology adoption. The region becomes an early proponent of technologies such as VoIP. Further, the population enjoys some of the highest levels of satellite television adoption in the world. Thus, the region is transforming into a Digital Economy.

Users in emerging internet economies such as the Middle East use online tools for creative expression, such as blogging. These findings may reflect the political environments associated with many emerging online economies. Another reason might be that behaviors diminish in value to online communities as users migrate towards adopting more advanced online services and behaviors.


Moving into an era of increased connectivity

The world moves into an era of increased connectivity. From the continued global take-up of smartphones, through to mainstreaming of machine to machine communication and the “Internet of Things”. Therefore, the need for media literacy and internet education are only likely to increase. Hence, the need for ongoing market research in this space to inform media law, policy, and practice will be essential. This study serves as a good foundation to commence such research activities in the Middle East.

As a result, the market research concludes that aspiring markets need to develop their internet ecosystems. Most of all, they need to gain a competitive advantage to reap the full benefits of the vibrant global economy.

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