A/B Testing | Split Testing

An integral part of the Zenoctus Optimization.

In many businesses, changes to the website or campaigns are made without solid evidence to support them. Even with great data insights, it is still difficult to predict how users will behave when changes are done. Without performing the necessary A/B Testing | Split Testing, you are faced with the following questions:

How can I quickly and easily improve my conversion rate? What do I need to change on my website to improve its performance? Should I consider changes such as button colours, wording or photos? Or should I modify my sales funnel?

A/B Testing also referred to as Split Testing, removes the guesswork. It provides you with answers to these questions because they are backed up by real data. When analysing the behaviour of visitors, who encounter different versions of your website, landing page or campaign, you rapidly get valuable insights on what works best. By collecting data & statistics for a control group (A) and at least one variation (B), you determine the real impact a certain change may have on your conversion rate (sales, sign-ups, downloads…).

The power of Split Testing allows you to forego opinion-based decisions. Instead, you follow a data-driven strategy to optimization and meeting your growth forecasts. In fact, we have recorded across all our optimization clients that Split Testing is one of their greatest levers for growth.

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