Multivariate Testing

An integral part of the Zenoctus Optimization.

A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing can be used to pick up sales and improve online marketing campaigns. A/B testing is the simpler choice of the two Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques, because only two options will be presented to the site visitors, means only one variation will be made.

Now imagine you are running Split Testing where multiple variables are modified. So instead of running one A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing runs multiple tests, each with a different combination of element variations.

The overall goal of Multivariate Testing is to see which combination of element changes delivers the biggest uplift against the control. Unlike Split Testing, there are no limits to the number of elements that you can vary.

Let´s assume someone starts with multivariate email tests. His ideas are

  • 2x subject lines with and without some clever personalization
  • 2x different salutations
  • 2x call to action buttons, and
  • 2x different key visuals for his target group.

Obviously, this person could do multiple splits, but of course, it is better to land one big strike. So, our team is now using a specific software to have 16 separate tests running at the same time. The results are as follows:

The variation containing…

  • a subject line “Special offers in winter”,
  • A salutation “Hi {firstname},
  • a call to action “Claim your special offer today!”,
  • a visual showing a “scarf”

…performed best. It delivered a response rate of 35%, which is about twice as good as the worst one.

This example shows that people can be very diverse. Coming up with a campaign that appeals to the majority, becomes a complicated process.

However, our Multivariate Testing methods can help accelerating your campaign optimization process significantly, because the tests allow more than one change to be made.

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