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Advanced Segmentation

Advanced Segments are effective at defining acquisition channels that drive quality traffic to your website. They help to split buyers into groups with similar needs. The goal is to best utilise your company´s finite resources through buyer-based marketing.

Correlation Analysis

Correlation Analysis answers questions like: “Which items contribute most to the customer or employee overall satisfaction or loyalty?” Or “Which features contribute most to the overall revenue of a product or service?

Keyword Research

Your SEO keywords are used in your web content that makes it possible for people to find your website via search engines. A website “speaks the same language” if it is well optimised for search engines. Keyword Research is key.

Regression Analysis

The Regression Analysis is a powerful statistical tool, which is used to investigate relationships between variables. It also helps to predict the future or simulate the outcome when specific actions are taken. The Regression Analysis is often used in customer and employee satisfaction studies.

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