Advanced Segmentation

An integral part of the Zenoctus Research.

Advanced Segments are effective at defining acquisition channels that drive quality traffic to your website. They help to split buyers into groups with similar needs. The goal is to best utilise your company´s finite resources through buyer-based marketing.

Every organisation develops different ways of imagining market segments. They create product differentiation strategies to exploit these segments. In fact, market segmentation and appropriate product differentiation strategy give a firm a commercial advantage. This is to attract the right customer.

The marketing objective of segmentation is to increase the marketing efficiency by channelling efforts specifically toward the destined segment in a way that is consistent with that segment´s characteristics.

With Advanced Segmentation, we can help you with the following:

  • Tracking Conversion Funnels to find the best ways to improve your conversion rate
  • Defining acquisition channels that drive quality traffic to your website
  • Creating segments for different demographic groups to see what pages they like and how long they stay on your website
  • Creating segments for users with keywords that you are using in Google AdWords.

We use powerful analytic tools such as Google Analytics to slice and dice your data and isolate specific types of traffic within your Google Analytic reporting. This will allow us to gain a tremendous amount of insight into your online marketing efforts – be they SEO, PPC or Social Media.

Advanced Segmentation is the ultimate tool for investigating sections of your website traffic and addressing areas that are performing poorly.

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