Consumer Behaviour Analysis & Consulting

Consumer product companies are facing new challenges because of complex consumer behaviour, retail consolidation and emerging markets. However, these challenges foster the rise of consumer behaviour and profitable growth. The application of consumer behaviour analysis to marketing has, therefore, become unquestionable to the consumer marketing success.

Consumer Behaviour helps us to maximise the value of your information. We turn your data into actionable insights and drive sustainable business outcomes.

We are trained to understand how consumers behave while they search, purchase or evaluate products, services and ideas. We carry out Ethnographic Research, apply advanced methods of analysing Consumer Buying Behaviour, and use Behavioural Sciences to improve our understanding of the subconscious drivers of Consumer Behaviour.

Being able to accurately predict the behaviour of your consumers, you develop more effective strategies to improve brand, market share and profits.

Advantages of using Consumer Behaviour Marketing Science:

  • Development of efficient and optimal campaign strategies
  • Market research is better understood
  • Your advertising budget is best used
  • Your marketing briefs are more concise and productive
  • Your marketing strategies deliver excellent results

A few of the consumer behaviour models we use to create a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients:

  • Stimulus-Organism-Response Model of Decision Making
  • Cognitive Consumer Behaviour Models
  • Theory of Reasoned Action
  • Theory of Planned Behaviour
  • Product Analysis
  • Buyer Readiness Model

Want to predict your consumers' behaviour and develop more effective marketing strategies to increase your profits?

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